Rope dumbbell toy


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Suitable for all dogs, the rope toy is extremely lifesaving for your pet’s mental and physical health. In addition, it is a fun accessory for learning many canine educational concepts.

The advantages of the rope toy:

Contributes to dental care and maintenance by promoting chewing (anti-tartar action, cleaning of dental interstices, etc.)
Promotes good heart health through cardio training
Contributes to the learning of jaw control
Increases tolerance and patience
Improves responsiveness and listening
Keeps your dog bored and strengthens emotional bonds
Usable indoors and outdoors, the Dumbbell Rope Toy from Trixie is made of very resistant material in designer

Dumbbell Rope Dog Toy
Made of sturdy cotton and polyester material
Chewable toy allowing an anti-tartar action cleaning the enamel and the dental interstices
Promotes good heart health through effective cardio training
Increases your dog’s tolerance and patience through strength play
Trains responsiveness and listening
Solidifies the bond with your animal
Great activity to relieve boredom
Helps control jaw strength
Color according to arrival: MULTICOLOR (PURPLE and ORANGE and YELLOW / PURPLE and BLUE)


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