Monkey plush toy


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The plush toy is a toy with multiple advantages:

Satisfies your pet’s need for chewing.
Avoid frustration.
Eliminates the risk of deterioration of your furniture.
Reduces stress caused by loneliness.
Particularly recommended for puppies, the plush is a toy that should always be made available to your pet at any age.

Made by the German brand Trixie, the Monkey plush toy suits all jaws for hours of play via a durable and crunchy hanging material with a sound effect.
Monkey plush toy for puppies and dogs
Made of durable polyester fabric
Soft plush material
The fabric is crisp to encourage your dog to chew
Hanging toy to stimulate your pet
Suitable for all jaws
Promotes your dog’s well-being
Avoid boredom and destructive behavior
Significantly reduces the risk of stress
Brown color


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