Level 3 Trainer Toy


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It is essential to regularly increase the difficulty level of your dog’s occupation accessories in order to ensure sufficient brain stimulation.

Indeed, boredom is one of the first causes of behavioral problems in dogs.

The principle of the Level 3 Memory Trainer Toy: the dog must press the release button with its paw or muzzle for the treats to fall from the dispenser.

The trigger button being detachable, it is thus possible to increase the difficulty for your dog and thereby stimulate one or more physical and/or intellectual abilities.

Memory Trainer Level 3 Dog Toy
High difficulty
Increases scan speed
Improves agility
Provides mental and physical stimulation
Guarantees taste pleasure via the treat reward
Features a rotating reservoir inside the container with adjustable opening to release treats
Difficulty level can be increased by moving the trigger button
Has a suction cup to attach the button to smooth surfaces such as glass and a foot to plant the button in soft ground (outdoors)
The maximum range of the trigger button is 40m
With anti-slip rubber feet for high stability of the device
With a booklet of tips for optimal training
Operates on batteries or via USB cable with mains plug
Micro USB cable (1.5m) included
USB plug not included
Batteries not included (3 micro AAA batteries and 4 C batteries)
Small shovel included
Made of plastic


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