Braided play rope with ball and handle


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The rope toy with handle is ideally designed to exercise strength play with your dog with ease and safety.

Promoting the learning of jaw strength, the accessory allows your dog to let off steam physically while increasing its reactivity and concentration.

In addition, the braided rope toy guarantees remarkable resistance to multiple bites from your pet regardless of the power of the jaw.

Made by the famous German brand Trixie, the Braided Play Rope with Ball and Handle is highly recommended to solidify the bond with your faithful companion and ensure the well-being of your dog.
Braided play rope with ball and dog handle
Made from sturdy cotton and polyester material
Avoids behavioral problems of a dog jumping, biting and/or nipping.
Trains cardio by promoting the capacity of the cardiac system
Increases your dog’s tolerance and patience through strength play
Increases patience and responsiveness
Activity alleviating boredom and strengthening the bond with your pet
Helps control jaw strength


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